How To Profit And Have Fun Blogging At The Same Time

Nowadays, everyone’s all wrapped up in finding ways to profit from their blogging, but what if I told you there was a way to make money and have fun blogging at the same time? Sometimes as bloggers we can get a little bit too caught up in the end goal we are trying to achieve: get visitors, build loyalty, grow blog income, that we forget that all this can be achieved while enjoying ourselves in the process. Here’s how to profit and have fun blogging at the same time:

How To Profit And Have Fun Blogging At The Same Time #1: Blog About Your Passion

The best way to have fun blogging is to blog about topics that you’re passionate about, even if it doesn’t pay as well as other niche topics. Everyone knows that financial loans, stock and Forex trading and weight loss are the big money spinners online, but while the money is there to be made, the competition is cut throat as well! If you’re passionate about collecting antique mugs for example, you’re better off centering your blog around that, because you’ll have less competition and your passion will translate itself to your writing.

How To Profit And Have Fun Blogging At The Same Time #2: Get To Know People

Blogging will get pretty boring if you’re just churning out post after post in a bid to get more traffic and more clicks/sales. There are real people reading your blog who are interested not only in what you have to say, but who you are as well, so why not take some time to get to know them and engage them in a conversation instead of just writing “at” them? Not only will you find many like minded people all around the world that you can talk about your common topics with, you may learn a thing or two yourself and increase the depth of your blog posts.

How To Profit And Have Fun Blogging At The Same Time #3: Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Even if you’re passionate about what you’re writing about have having lots of fun blogging about it, chances are you’ll encounter that odd day when you’re not feeling up to posting. Don’t take it too seriously and beat yourself up over it! We all have up days and down days, and when you’re having a down day perhaps your body is telling you that you need a rest and a break from it all. Listen to your body, do something else that’s fun, maybe even get out of your house and away from your computer altogether! Soon you’ll be recharged, and fresh with creative ideas to implement on your blog again!

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Have You Ever Thought You Could Have Fun Blogging?

When you hear of a blog these days you think of people making money. Even though it is mainly used for that reason you can actually just have a blog for other fun things. Having a blog does not limit you at all you can use it for whatever reason you chose. Many people use blogs for telling a story about themselves, their family or just sharing information on anything that they are interested in. Below I will share with you some of the ways you can incorporate fun into your blogs.

Blogging to Stay in Touch with Friends

Family and friends can sometimes move away and having a blog can help you stay in touch with them. You can add events on your blog to let them keep up with what you are doing. You can add photos of your different trips that you have recently been on. You may have a new dress that you would like them to see you in and you can add it to your blog. Yes we do have phones and emails but having a blog is so much more fun. You have the site up so they can go back and check it out whenever they feel fit.

Having a blog also gives you the advantage to introduce other family members you’re your family have never met before. The internet is such a great place isn’t it? Blogs also have a great feature which is the comment section. Your family members can post comments on each post that you write. You also have the option to answer back with a comment. Having a blog also allows you to make even more friends. I say this because your blog is there and you are sharing it with your friends and family but also your friends and family could also refer others to check it out and then wow you are getting to know new people.

Blogging To Promote Your Talents

Some bloggers begin blogging to promote themselves. A friend of mine just recently sent me a link to his new blog and it was basically his resume. He is in the Technology field and he just post topics on various projects that he has been involved with. I have a sixteen year old son who loves writing poetry, he is great at writing and he uses a blog to express himself. People would come to read and get inspiration. He also He is also into drawing and he just draws and post his drawings for others to see. Think about the potential if a company who is looking for someone with these talents come across you blog you could get hired to do something you are naturally good at. You may be thinking oh my gosh I don’t want everybody viewing my blog, well you can make it private. This is an option where you only allow the people you wish to view your blog. Think of this as online journal instead of writing in a book you can do so on the blog.

As a blogger, you also have to be careful when expressing yourself because you do have some people out there that will invade your life and turn it into a living hell. So be very careful when posting your deepest expressions. Remember your blog will be online for the world to if you chose to so make sure you post topics you are comfortable with.

Blogging to Keep a Record of Events

Blogging can also be use d to record events in your life. Some examples of important events can be vacations, pregnancy, sporting events, weddings, graduation and so much more. As I stated earlier, you can make the blog private but you can use it as a tool to keep track of important things that you can always refer back to and can shear with your family members at a reunion. Think of it as a scrapbook of your life. Wouldn’t it be great to have a scrap book of your pregnancy? Later on in life your child could go back and look at the events that leads up to his or her existence. The sky is the limit as to what you can do with a blog, these are just some ideas on how you can use a blog to have fun.

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Fun Blog Marketing Methods

You’ve been blogging for a while now, but you want to take your blog to the next step. What do you do? Start marketing your blog. Spread the world about your blog and never stop.

Blog marketing is on-going, it’s equally as important as your content. If you have good content, but don’t do any marketing your blog won’t be successful. If you market like crazy, but never update your blog it won’t be successful. You need to spend time creating well written posts and even more time promoting your blog. Just because a blog exists doesn’t mean it’s easy for everybody to find.

Blog marketing isn’t hard it’s just time consuming. Although, it’s also up to the blogger. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time promoting your blog, that’s your choice. If you have a lot of time to put towards promoting your blog, the more successful it will probably be. Not only does the blogger have to spend a lot of time promoting, it can also take a little to notice the results.

Most bloggers use the same ways of promoting their blog such as improving their search engine rankings and exchanging links. However, there are other blog marketing methods that are more exciting.

The first is pretty easy. If something newsworthy happens and it is related to your blog topic, make a post about it. Then if people are searching for information on the event, they may come across your people. People are always checking out current events. That is also something to remember. Don’t bother posting about old news. Post current news, that people will be very interested in.

A great way to market your blog that many people don’t do is conduct interviews. Interview people that are authorities in the market you write about. You can turn your interview into a question and answer post or turn it into an article. People will be very interested in reading an interview. You can even put the post on an article submission website and include a link to your blog at the end. A lot of people look on article submission websites and having a link to your blog from one of those websites improves your search engine ranking. This has the potential to drive quite a bit of traffic to your blog.

Another marketing method that most bloggers don’t try is sending out press releases. A blogger can go online and find out how to write a press release or hire someone else to write it and send it out. It usually doesn’t cost that much either. A press release about your blog can be sent out to news websites and published. Their readers will read it and check out your blog.

Most bloggers take advantage of using comments on blogs and it really is an effective way to market a blog. Always responds to any comments left on your blog by readers. Also, search for blogs that are in the same market as your blog and leave comments that include a link to your blog.

A fun way to promote your blog is to hold contests. Even if it’s just something really simple, people love contests. It will keep people coming back to your blog and if you are giving something away your readers may even tell their friends to check out your blog. If you just get people to go on your blog once, they may like it and become a regular reader.

Although blog marketing can be time consuming it can be a lot of fun. Many people think blogging just involves writing posts, but there’s so much more. Blog marketing allows you to build relationships with other bloggers and your readers. Leaving comments, interviewing people and running a contest can be a lot of fun and it makes blogging even more exciting than it already is.

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Blogging – Fun Or Business?

Blogging back when it started was thought to only be a passing fancy. But that idea has proven time and time again to be so untrue today. There are millions of bloggers online today and some are making tens of thousands of dollars a week doing it too. The viewpoint of the individual presented without bias and honesty is treasured by their readers by the millions.

There are really two areas the most blogs will slide into and they are the business blogs that are built to make money or just share information about a business. The other area is the fun blog written for pleasure and you may think that no money is made with this type of blog but you would be wrong.

When a blog is built for fun most often the blogger puts their heart and soul into it and the popularity of a great blog makes it turn out to be profitable. Just because it is designed to be fun and built for enjoyment don’t think for a minute that there will not be money made from it.

Business Blogs

Business blogs are the perfect platform to promote a business or the businesses products or both. If you are wondering why this is true here is the answer. The business blog will be updated on a daily basis and the readership will be the first to know about new developments and new products. After all who do you know that does not want to be the first to know about something new?

For both types of blogs business and fun when built with quality and integrity grow virally because you have all the necessary factors working for you. The readership will tell others and other bloggers will make posts about the information on your blog and the attraction can grow beyond belief sometimes.

Use a popular or controversial subject or good information about a well know celebrity and one simple post can bring in millions and millions of new readers very fast.

It is also very important to not make people mad at you because the word spreads like wild fire and your readership drops off like a stone. Blogging with subscribers in the millions has become a great source of power in the world today.

Blogs do many things by getting people elected to public office. Blogs can make or break the popularity of a new movie release. Blogs even move new music into or out of the spotlight.

Considering all the possibilities available to the blogger when they can use words in the written format, audio and video can be added also. Let me tell you audio and video added to the business or fun blog is simple that most of you children are all ready doing it today.

Blogging fun or business possibilities that are available are endless. From personal or any one of billions of niche’s there is a profitable blog subject to start or help you do anything you want to do.

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Blogging For Fun and Entertainment

In China, the majority of it’s youth today are now Internet addicts. Buying stuff online, chatting online, playing games online, etc are growing everyday since the dot com burst. But what else can they do to have fun?

Blogging! Well it does seem un-entertaining at some point. Where you have to write for your blog as a personal journal or diary online and have people read them or private invitation to some of your trusted colleagues or associates to comment on your work. But what do they write about mostly?

In some part of the country or world, there are some individuals who feels or have thoughts and they wish to share the world about their perspective. Apparently, anyone who sees blogging as either a job or their personal journal of their own thoughts is nothing compared to having fun blogging at. Blog shouldn’t be considered a job or a duty to anyone because you are not getting paid to blog. You blog at your own pace, at your own style, and live in your own world. So just blog for fun! Sure there maybe people who spams and trolls on your blogs, but do not worry about it and don’t let that get to you. Blogging is meant to be fun and where your world of possibilities can change to however you feel.

Your blog in particular, can change from, personal journals of your research, thoughts, feelings, events, news, current event happening at home, work, play, to a job of maintaining your daily readers impressed, interested, and desire for more. Once you have daily readers and maintain constant traffic or increase of traffic, it’s best to monetize your blog. Of course it’s no good if you only focus on spamming advertisements here and there and affiliations, etc. It’s best to be moderate and whatever earnings been made from your fun blogging, be grateful!

For example, if one blogger has found that they’re readers are like they’re own small community or fans or their “online family”, it may tough to consider closing down his blog after years of blogging and maintaining his solid reputation as a problogger. That, my friend, is called a duty to readership. Bloggers around the world have a duty to their readers and making sure that each and every reader who read their blogs are warmly open visits and leave their blog satisfied after spending a few minutes reading their blogs. After such a duty has turned into a habit, to a blogger its fun posting more blogs about whatever field they love talking about. It may be about flowers, animals, world, politics, business, games, etc. As long as one enjoys blogging, it’s not a bad job to spend doing it.

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